July 12, 2014

Who must use Lancome Exfoliance Confort

 The most difficult part about my skincare is to find the right exfoliating product for my dry, sensitive skin. Unfortunately, without exfoliating, it's almost impossible to keep a fresh, glowing complexion, unless you genetically have perfect skin.
  I'm pretty sure, many of you with a sensitive skin, have the same issue. So, I decided to show you one of the safe and effective scrubs for dry, sensitive skin __ Lancome Exfoliance Confort.
 This is the scrub that will get the job done without irritating the skin, it has pleasant smell and creamy texture. It contains almond, honey, and yeast extracts to remove dry spots. All you have to do is that massage this Lancome exfoliating cream all over the face for a few minutes and wash it off, then apply your regular moisturizer.
Lancome Exfoliance Confort
 I use it at least twice a week, and my skin feels incredibly smooth  and looks so fresh.
I'm not sure, this Lancome scrub will be perfect for oily skin or for someone who is looking for  some grittier scrubs, but it is definitely perfect for girls with a sensitive,  dry skin.


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