Basics of successful blogging

Hi everyone,
Recently, many of you have asked me in the comments and in the emails, what are my secrets of blogging successfully, gaining many followers and have active readers who find time to comment my posts. 
 Well, first of all, I don't think I'm a successful blogger yet, but I definitely have my opinion about successful blogging. So, since many of you were curious about it, I will let you know what are the steps (in my opinion) that every blogger has to know to become successful.

Photo credit: Pinterest

First or all, get used to the fact that blogging is time consuming. Posting, promoting your posts, commenting other blogs, using social media, analyzing your blogging datas, finding your inspirations for your future posts, an so on..  This will take a lot of time, but still, success will not come in one month or two, it may take years. So, make sure you are ready for this long journey.
Find your niche. It's very important to blog about the subject that you are passionate about and you have something to say about it, not for one month but for years.
 Another thing, you have to ask yourself is that, can your niche become popular (if it's very specific
subject ) and can it make people come to your blog to see your posts a few times a week.
Make you blog look professional and attractive. Also, you should  keep in mind, that too long
posts or posts without some nice photos are not the best assets when it comes to successful blogging.

Promote your blog on social media. Using Google+, Pinterest, Twitter (I recently join Twitter
though), or Facebook to share your blog posts with your friends and followers is a great way to
reach out more people and gain more followers.

Analyze your blogging data. Without knowing your audience, their interest within your blog posts , you will never be able to set your priorities about your blog content.

What else would you add to these steps? Let me know in the comments below.