Organize Your Cosmetics With Joligrace Makeup Cases

Happy Monday lovelies, hope you had great weekend. Today I'm so excited to show you this gorgeous makeup train case that I received from .

Joligrace  Pink Stripe Professional Makeup Train Case 

 Why to choose

First of all, they use high quality materials to make their products: Makeup Train Cases, Nail cases and Travel Makeup Bags. And then, I have Coupond code for you, use code JG10  to get $10 OFF your purchase. On top of that, they have summer sale right now so you should take advantage of it. No matter what kind of makeup case/bag or nail case you're looking for, at you will find the one that suits the best your lifestyle. 

As I mentioned above, Joligrace makeup cases, including the one I received, are made of high quality aluminum frame and heat resistant exterior panel to keep the cases durable and cool, to protect our cosmetics, especially in summer months.

This * Pink Stripe Professional Makeup Train Case with Detachable Trays has enhanced handle and lockable latches for carry out use. It can hold cosmetics, makeup brushes, jewelry and more. It has large bottom compartment and two-sided opening tiers shelves keep the case away from  tipping over easily when open.

Joligrace  Pink Stripe Professional Makeup Train Case 

This makeup case came with 2 removable long trays, 2 keys and 1 shoulder strap. I'm so excited to bring this makeup case with me when I travel in a few weeks. I can fit almost all my cosmetics in it, and also, it looks so stylish to carry around.

Joligrace  Pink Stripe Professional Makeup Train Case (two removable long trays in the middle)

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P.S. I received the compensation and complimentary makeup case but everything you have read in this article is my own, honest opinion.

Everything you have to know before you visit Liberty Science Center in Jersey City

Since Summer is going to end soon, I'm trying to take my 7 years old daughter to as many interesting places as I can, before she goes to second grade and starts her busy school year. On Tuesday, we visited Liberty Science Center __ Interactive science museum and learning center located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey (right across Manhattan).

Liberty Science Center, Jersey City

Liberty Science Center Admission Prices:

Science Center Admission __ Adult = $22.75     Child (age 2-12) = $18.75
Combination Pass (Admission + Grossology or one theater show) __ Adult = $28.75  Child = $23.75
Premium Pass (Admission+ Grossology + one theater show) __  Adult = $32.75   Child = $26.75

Museum is open every day from 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Despite our plan to go to the museum early to avoid standing in long lines, we made to the building only at around 11:00 A.M. but we were lucky, it was not crowdy at all. I decided to buy premium tickets so that we would have access to every excibition in the building, including one Planetarium show and also, the premium Excibition __ Grossology.  We chose the show To Worlds Beyond  that was a full-dome movie about journey through the Solar System with an interactive live presentation.   The movie incorporated the latest information about the solar system. It was very impressive.

Liberty Science Center, second floor, near cafe and planetarium

After that, we went on 4th floor to explore the exhibitions. First we saw Pixel Art that was a giant wall installation made of 952 pilfer dials, each containing more than 1,000 possible color combinations, wich you could rotate to 'turn on' different colors. You can imagine how fun it could be.
Pixel Art exhibition

Then, we decided to see Grossology __ Liberty Science Center's premium exhibition about all things gross about the human body.  I know, it might sound gross, but it was actually fun for kids to crawl and climb through the human body, play games that revealed all the secrets of vomit, odors, boogers, heart and more.

Grossology exhibition 

This interactive gentleman was teaching kids what happans inside the nose when you catch cold, while throwing a huge 'booger' out of his nose, time to time (gross, haha)

One of the excibitions my daughetr enjoyed was Infinity Climber __ the world's first suspended climbing play space of its kind. According to Liberty Science Center, the structure itself measures 26 feet wide, 24 feet deep, and 19 feet tall. It is surrounded by 19 miles of hand-threaded wire that forms a protective mesh to prevent climbers from falling to the ground below. It includes multiple routes to explore.

Infinity climber in Liberty Science Center

We also enjoyed Eat and Be Eaten exhibition that was filled with real animals.

Eat and Be Eaten exhibition

Eat and Be Eaten exhibition ( can you find a  lizard in this picture?)

Eat and Be Eaten exhibition

Dream Machine, Dino Dig and Our Hudson Home were also very interesting. Dream Machine was an interactive, sensory exhibition, you had to use bicycle pumps to produce combinations of colors, sounds, and scents (my favorite part) __ some pleasant, some unpleasant. My favorite was Shame station that smelled heavenly.

Dream Machine 

Our Hudson Home exhibition was very exiting because from 3:30 P.M. kids got to touch scertain type of fish. We also say how they fed fish.

Obviously I can't talk about every exhibition in one post but as you can guess, it was absolutely worth to visit Liberty Science Center, otherwise why would we spend there 6 hours? haha.

Have you been to this museum yet? What was your favorite exhibition?
Let me know in the comments below.

Stay fabulous!

Laura Mercier Face Polish and Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator comparison

There is no good skincare routine without a right exfoliator. I personaly can't imagine my daily skincare routine without it, but when you have sensitive skin, you can't afford to try out every physical exfoliator on the market until you find the right one for you, because many of them can be harsh for sensitive skin. So I thought, I would share with you my two favorite face exfoliators: Laura  Mercier 'Flawless Skin Face Polish Scrub' (read my full review here: Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish Scrub) and Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator that doens't irritate my dry, sensitive skin.

What to expect from Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator and how to use it

Caudalie claims that this is an effective, natural exfoliator that 'instantly reveals a deeply purified, more even, and smoother complexion. Slough away dead skin and polish your complexion without drying it out. This whipped formula is composed of natural, perfectly round corn beads to gently exfoliate dead  skin __ without causing irritation. It's infused with grape pulp extracts to hydrate your skin, leaving it silky-smooth and healthy-looking. Apply it twice a week to damp skin, focusing on T-zone. Massage delicately and rinse with water, avoid eye area.'

What to expect from Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish Scrub and how to use it

The label claims that this exfoliator 'effectively cleanses and exfoliates, removes dead skin cells to leave skin smooth and even-toned. Suitable for all skin types, Face Polish helps remove dead skin cells with purifying microbeads. 
Place a small amount onto your fingertips and gently massage into dampened skin. Then rinse with warm water.'

Let's compare Caudalie and Laura Mercier exfoliators:

                             Caudalie                                                                            Laura Mercier
Doesn't irritate skin                                                                   Can irritate skin if you leave long
Doesn't detect any fragrance in it                                            Slightly scented (pleasant smell, though) 
Doesn't break me out                                                                 Doens't breack me out
Less grainy                                                                                  More grainy
Effective                                                                                       Very effective
I can use daily                                                                             I can't use daily
Doesn't contain harmful chemicals                                               

As you can see, Laura Mercier Face Polish is scented, can irritate my sensitive skin if I allow it to stay on my face more than 3 minutes and, also, I can't use it daily, again , because it can irritate my skin, but it's very effective in terms of cleaning pores. Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator doesn't clean the pores as deep as Laura Mercier does. In terms of price, they are both in same price range: Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator is $35 and Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish __ $32.

I have repurchased Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polis a few times already, but Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator is my first tube. I like that I can use it daily without making my skin irritated. Another thing I love about it is that it doesn't contain harmful chemicals. 

Have you used any of these exfoliators? Did you like it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Stay  fabulous!

Your guide to Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Please Touch Museum is a children's museum located in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) where kids can learn through play (you can read about our trip in this post: My Day Trip to Philadelphia, PA.)


Children under age 1:  free
Adults and children 1 and older: $19
Carousel Ride: $3

Outside of Please Touch Museum

As soon as we walked in the building, we saw at the center of Hamilton Hall the Statue of Liberty's Torch that was made completely out of toys. After we bought tickets for exhibits and carousel ride, we first went to see River Adventures exhibit that was on the main level, right next to the Hamilton Hall. Kids could float a boat down the 'river', pump water through tubes, pipes and passageways and see the effects it had. 

Hamilton Hall

River Adventures exhibit

Next, we went to see Hello From Japan. My daughter loved this exhibit. She got to serve some fresh 'sushi' to another girl, then she walked through the bamboo forest and finally, hung a wish on the wishing tree in traditional Japan.

Hello From Japan exhibit

Bamboo forest

Elephant made out of toys

Then we went to Rocket Room, and Roadside Attractions, and on the lower level of the museum, Lima 'gave a check up' to a few dolls and kittens at the Children's Hospital. 
She also enjoyed walking through the maze in Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland maze

Of course, we could not leave museum without riding Carousel.
There were few more exhibits that my daughter didn't like but overall, she had great time.

P.S.  I'm glad I took her to see Please Touch Museum now because, I'm sure, next year she would not enjoy it anymore, because, in my opinion, this museum is perfect for kids age 1-7. There is not to much to do for 8 yearls ods and up, but maybe it depends on kids too.

That's all for today, lovelies. Wish you all a fabulous day. 

Cartier La Pantere perfume review

This La Panthere eau de perfume by Cartier, that launched in 2014, I received for Christmas but never got a chance to do a review on the blog, until now. 

Cartier "La Panthere"

My Day Trip To Philadelphia

Happy Wednesday my friends. I know it's been really long time since I last posted on the blog but I'm here again and I hope everyone is doing great. Today I want to share with you little bit about my weekend trip to Philadelphia. The main purpose of this trip was to entairtain my 7 years old daughter who always feels bored if she is not around her friends.
Our first stop was Please Touch Museum. We spent almost 3 hours there and it was quite interesting for my daughter. (The special post about this museum is coming on the blog next week, so, make sure you come back to check it out.)