February 24, 2015

Chloe, Donna Karan, Dolce&Gabbana travel size perfumes

Happy Tuesday everyone,
Today I want to share with you my thoughts  about Chloe__ Love Story, Donna Karan__ Cashmere Mist and Dolce&Gabbana__ Dolce.
First of all, I have to recognize that even thought I 'm a real shopaholic I never purchased anything online until last week, when I decided to get some online shopping experience. So I ordered some beauty products from Nordstrom and got these cute perfume samples with my order. 
Chloe Love Story, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, Dolce&Gabbana Dolce

February 17, 2015

Who needs Estee Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser

Hi everyone,
Today I decide to share with you my experience about Estee Lauder Soft Clean Foaming cleanser
 I usually love to change my skincare products, time to time. I don't know whether it's just curiosity or simply, a habit, to find better products for my skin, but the fact is that, once I find any moisturizers or cleansers  empty, I always replace them with different kind of skin care products.
So, when I finished Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Hydrating cleanser, I decided to give a try to another cleanser from Estee Lauder,  Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming cleanser, that was  3   times cheaper than than the Re-Nutrive one.

February 11, 2015

Lancome Gift-with-purchase

Happy Wednesday everyone,
Did I tell you, how much I love gift-with-purchase? It doesn't matter how expensive the gift is, I just love the process of exploring the beauty/skincare products in my beauty bag, once I get home.    
 But wait, now I have to share that joy of checking out gifts, with my 3 years old daughter, who is more excited that time and who is already a little "makeup artist", giving me advice which color lipstick or eyeshadow I should wear with my outfit. LoL 
Anyways, today I just wanted to show you the gift set  that I got with my Lancome skincare purchase, a few days ago and I think they still have this Gift-with-purchase campaign , in case you would love to get this set.
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