Five things I loved the most, in Rome, Italy

Rome __ after my just one-week vacation, this amazing city forever found its place in my heart. After Paris, I could not imagine any other city would amaze me but let me tell you, I literally didn't want to come back to USA. I don't know what made me feel like I was home __ people, some of the part of Rome that looked like the streets of my home city __ Tbilisi (even my husband recognized he felt as if we were in my city),  or their natural food and dessert, but it definitely stole my heart. So what I loved the most in Rome:
1. People and enviremnet in Rome
There was something special about environment in Rome that I haven't seen in other cities I had travelled to, so far. The people were so nice, welcoming and dressed up (in that way too, it remineded my home city.)
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Colosseum, Rome, Italy