Dior, Thierry Mugler, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder __my travel-size perfumes

No matter how many full-size beauty products I have, I'm always happy to receive travel-size makeup or skincare samples because they are so space-saver. I can't imagine myself travel with all of those  full-size products that I use every day.
 Here are some of my favorite travel-size perfumes: Thierry Mugler "Alien", Thierry Mugler "Angel", Elizabeth Arden "Untold", Estee Lauder  "Pleasures", Dior  "Miss Dior":

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Thierry Mugler 'Angel' and 'Alien', Dior 'Miss Dior', Elizabeth Arden 'Untold'
Estee Lauder 'Pleasures'
 To be honest, I've never worn Elizabeth Arden perfumes until I didn't get "Untold". This is simply for modern girls with its top notes of black currant, pink pepper, peony, jasmine and deeper tones of sandalwood, musk and amber. Same thing is with Estee Lauder "Pleasures" __ it has fresh and light tones perfect to wear during a day.

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Elizabeth Arden 'Untold'

Thierry Mugler "Alien", as I posted recently here__ "Alien__ intriguing perfume from Thierry Mugler",  is my new favorite perfume, that has very deep, mysterious scent.

Thierry Mugler's another perfume "Angel" is also very deep and unique with its notes of bergamot, honey, red berries, vanilla  and caramel. Both perfumes are great for a night-out.

Thierry Mugler 'Angel'

Dior Perfumes have been my absolute favorites since I started wearing perfume, years ago and Miss Dior is among them. Notes of Italian Mandarin and Egyptian Jasmine make you feel so elegant. 

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Dior 'Miss Dior'


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