Smashbox Lighting Theory Master Class Palette review and swatches

Happy Monday lovelies,
Today I'm going to share with you guys my experience with this Smashbox Lighting Theory Master Class Palette that I bought not long time ago (you can read my post about my Smashbox beauty purchase here). Smashbox calls this product a face palette to create an even complexion, add depth and dimension, and achieve eye looks for any occasion, since this palette has everything you need to create pro makeup looks with a perfectly lit glow.
 I like the fact that this Smashbox Lighting Theory Master Class Palette is free from Parabens, Phthalates, fragrance, Sodium laurel sulfate, and talc.
Now let's see what we get for $45, actually, I believe, it's on sale now on$39:

Smashbox Lighting Theory Master Class Palette

This Smashbox palette contains:
16  Photo Op Eyeshadow
4 Cream Color Corrector
3  Contouring cream 
3  Cream highlighter
4  Get the look insert
3  Blush

 Let me start from packaging: the case of this palette is solid and nicely made. One side has all creams __ color correctors, contouring creams, and highlighters, other side has powders __ eyeshadows and blushes. Both sides have their own transparent plastic cover so powders will not go to cream side and will not get messy. In case you find this palette bulky the way it comes, you can always take out each side from the case and use them seperatly. This Smashbox Lighting Theory Master Class palette comes with different makeup looks idea cards, which is nice.

I took out both sides of this Smashbox Face Palette from its case

Now let's talk about cream side: 
 From color correctors, I basically use peach color corrector under my eyes that perfectly covers dark circles and most importantly, it helps my concealer not to oxidize and not look like grayish  after few hours (I don't know about you, but my undereye concealers become kinda grey just in a few hours after applying it, if I don't apply color corrector first). 
Sometimes use Green corrector to cover redness.
Color correctors: from left to right: Lavender, Green, Peach and Orange

I haven't used contouring creams so I will just show you some swatches. 
 My absolute favorites on cream side of this Smashbox palette,  are the highlighters. I love Luminous Pink and Luminous Gold, I use them almost every day. I like Luminous Peach one too but it's little too dark for my fair skin, but would be beautiful on little darker skin.
P.S. Sorry for the pure quality of some of the pics below: It doesn't show very well highlighters here, but first is gorgeous rose golden shade and second is golden shade, bith are very beautiful.

From left to right: Highlighters _ Luminous Pink, Luminous Gold, Luminous Peach.
Contour, Bronze, Highlight

DIfferent makeup Look idea cards 

Powder side: 
 It's not first time that I tried Smashbox eyeshadows, I had Smashbox eyeshadow trio in travel size and I absolutely loved it, so I was thinking that I would like these eyeshadows too, and I like them indeed. They are very smooth and nicely pigmented.

Left to right: Sand, Totally Nude, Nectar, Almond,
Truffle, Light Wave, Sunrise, Sunlight

I use a few shades from first 3 raws every single day, I haven't used last raw though, they are more like for dramatic, night out looks. Staying power is at least 6-7 hours for me, when I apply my Lancome eyeshadow primer first.

From Left to right: Optics, Mettalic Violet, Mettalic Bronze, Metallic Brick
Nocturnal, Blackout, Sumatra, Backlit

And , last but not least, blushes __ they are all gorgeous shades, but I mostly apply bright pink for everyday makeup. 

Overall, I like this palette, I enjoy wearing most of the highlighters , blushes and eyeshadows, so I'm glad I bought it.

Thanks for reading beauties, and have a fabulous day.


  1. The eyeshadows looks so so pretty! Love the metallic ones you featured last, the pigment looks lovely! Xx

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    1. Yes, Valeria, a concealer can oxidize under eye area if you have dark circles under eyes.

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