Lancome Photogenic Lumessence foundation

Happy Monday everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Today let me show you one of my recent purchases __ Lancome "Photogenic Lumessence Light Mastering and Line-Smoothing Makeup" liquid foundation: 
Lancome Photogenic Lumessence liquid foundation
 In humid summer days, I  usually don't use any liquid foundation because most of the time the skin becomes so oily. But If I have some important meeting or I'm going to a place where I just need to have a perfect makeup than I have no choice but apply my liquid foundation.
 So other day it was one those cases when I needed a complete makeup and decided to try something new and more suitable for summer day, so I purchased this Lancome Photogenic Lumessence foundation.

This is a oil-free, light-to-medium coverage foundation that can last for a few hours without getting greasy. I apply it after my moisturizer and few minutes later I set it with a Lancome pressed powder, the result is amazing __ natural-looking smooth completion for at least 7 hours.
 This Lancome foundation doesn't  settle into pores. I even use it as a concealer under my eyes, but here is a trick__ I use my finger (instead of concealer brush) and it looks gorgeous, it completely covers fine lines around my eyes and make them almost invisible.
 It doesn't give me a hydrating feeling though, so I'm not sure it will be perfetc for me in cold weather too. but I already know what will be my must-have liquid foundation in hot summer days.

Have you tried this foundations yet? what was your experience about it?


  1. I have only tried Lancome Teint Miracle and I absolutely adore it. It gives my face a very flawless airbrush finish. I haven't seen this foundation here though, will check it again when I hit the mall.

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I haven't tried Teint Miracle but I'm pretty sure that will be great too, because Lancome has some of the best products out there, right?

  2. I got recommended this foundation when my skin had a really dry moment, so with a heavier moisturizer underneath maybe you will be able to make it work in the colder months too! ;) xx

    1. That's really good to know, Thanks Gyudy. I'm totally in love with this foundation and I'll be happy if with some havier moisturiser it will work even in winter.


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