Travel-size body lotions

Happy Friday everyone,
I usually use Fragrance-free body lotions on daily bases, because we all know that fragrance is not the best feature when it comes to skincare products. But I have to recognize that when I travel, I mostly use perfumed body lotions.
So, today, I decided to  show you some of my favorite travel-size body lotions:
Thierry Mugler "Angel"  body lotion, Estee Lauder "Modern Muse"  body lotion, Thierry Mugler "Alien" body lotion and body cream and my absolute favorite Hermes "Eau Des Merveilles" body lotion.
Makeup, Nordstrom, Thierry Mugler , Estee lauder, Hermes body lotions
Thierry Mugler , Estee lauder, Hermes body lotions

Thierry Mugler Angel body lotion NordstromDepartment store, shopping
Thierry Mugler Angel body lotion
Hermes body lotion
Hermes body lotion

What are your favorite body lotions?


  1. I absolutely love Angel but have yet to smell Alien. I will give it a test when I visit the mall this weekend.

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I'm pretty sure you will like it too.

  2. Angel smells so lovely! i love it! great selection

  3. very nice post and great presentation!

    Maria from

  4. I absolutely love 'Alient' its on my to buy list, I have a friend who has it and you can always smell it a mile off.

  5. yes, Alien really has deep strong tones, that you can smell from far away.

    Thanks for stopping by. xoxo


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